From the original insurance for the risk of fire has developed a versatile international insurance group. Insurance, financial services and real estate fields of expertise GRAWE Group.

From its origins of supplying reliable fire insurance to the populous until its current position today as a versatile international insurance group, the GRAWE group can proudly offer services in the areas of insurance, financial services and real estate.

Thirteen insurance companies of Central and Southeast Europe are proof of the international orientation. The stability and the high position in the insurance market are a reflection of the successful business that lasts for more than 180 years.

With thirteen insurance affiliates throughout central and south-east Europe the GRAWE group can truly announce itself as an international company. The GRAWE groups longevity, stability and its senior position in the insurance market are a reflection of more than 180 years of successful business.

The GRAWE Group ranks as one of the largest Austrian insurance companies, with over 4 million insurance contracts and with an annual influx of premiums in excess of 750 million euros.

The financial stability of the GRAWE group is reflected in its equity value, which is far above the market average, and reflects its conservative approach to investment policy. Entrusted client funds are mainly invested in real estate, bonds or mortgages, and only a small amount is used on stock market and share speculation. Based on the relation of capital and commitments, GRAWE is one of the most constant insurance companies. When determining the Company’s assets, the GRAWE group remains consistent to its conservative approach and evaluates assets by the strict lower value principle rule.


years of expirience and tradition