Providing a quality product is of paramount importance for any business, but it is particularly relevant for the financial services sector, an area which has seen a high increase of offered services and a strong development in the promotion of such services. Insurance companies and banks adjust rapidly to any of these new developments and are extremely creative in the conceiving of new products. It is thereby becoming ever more difficult for customers to maintain a clear overview of what the market offers. We see it as our task to assist and advise our customers and in providing clarity and transparency. Our SAFE LIFE specialists are able to provide you with support in the following areas:

  • Life Insurance
  • Security Evaluation for cases of invalidity and/or illness
  • Pension Scheme Evaluation
  • Accident Insurance


SAFE LIFE has its main client base in Central and Eastern Europe and we believe that our understanding of our clients wishes and general requirements would be a beneficial service that we should offer to the residents of all countries.

Our expertise in the insurance and financial sectors allows us to advise our clients on how they can secure the best solution for their future, as well as giving competent, sound advice when choosing long term investments and life insurance. Our goal is to provide our clients with a clear unbiased picture of their pension plans and to supply them with a competent personalised pension agenda.